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“Neurofeedback has been a beacon of light for a couple of my family members. I was privileged to see a complete change in behavior and thought process for my sibling from quick aggression to calm and thinking things through on a regular basis. My child is still working on neurofeedback and she has started noticing some changes in her thought process as well with the balance in her brain. Carolyn is an amazing counselor/therapist who is very good and getting to the heart of issues and assisting at working through. So thankful for the recommend from family to come up weekly with Rodney and Carolyn.” ~ C.R.


“We found Carolyn a few months ago when our marriage suffered a severe breach. She was the third counselor I tried and she is excellent! She always makes sure I feel heard, understood, and valued. We have come far in 5 months and she has been a tremendous support in all of this.” ~ Jodi


“Carolyn has been so helpful to our family. We have been seeing Carolyn for over a year and in that time she has helped us find restoration in our marriage, improve our communication and build trust. We have been so insightful and compassionate in every session. We feel so thankful for her guidance and support. She is an amazing therapist.”~ Jefferson Marital-Arts


“Carolyn has been counseling my son for almost 6 months now. He has made incredible progress in such a short period of time with Carolyn. She has taught him many useful life skills that he uses daily. My son was very uneasy about having to start “therapy” but after only one session he was so excited to go back again. Carolyn made therapy fun for my son while teaching him skills to cope with certain issues. Carolyn was also very good at keeping me in the loop without losing the trust my son has with her. She gives me weekly updates with his progress and any time we would have a problem come up at home she would address it with him and give him tools to handle things differently.” ~ D P – Google Review


“Carolyn has been counseling my son since May of this year. She has been incredibly sensitive to my son’s pain and trauma. She has provided an incredibly safe environment for him to work through his emotions. He looks forward to going to therapy because he knows he is accepted, loved and free to express himself at “Ms. Carolyn’s” office. Carolyn has done an excellent job of focusing on my son as her client and she serves him very well in her role as his therapist, using techniques that are very age-appropriate. I would definitely recommend Carolyn as a counselor.” ~ Katrina Gelinas – Google Review


“I was going through a very difficult time with depression. I was a victim of sexual abuse when I was a small child. I have struggled with this throughout my adulthood. I was stripped of my innocence, self worth and blamed myself for someone else’s action. I found Carolyn through my company’s resources (EAP- Employee Assistance Program). She has been so amazing! I feel very comfortable with her. She is extremely compassionate and caring. I am a Christian woman and felt that we connected in a spiritual way. I had tried other therapists in the past, but no one helped me in the way she has. If there was an option for 10 stars, I would pick 11!!” ~ Alvina Blea – Google Review


“I originally sought out Carolyn Riviere-Placzek and her expertise while going through divorce. She not only helped me with my own healing but also helped me gain a better understanding of myself within relationships as well as developing new behaviors and skills for future ones. I believe my time spent working with her has benefited both my personal and professional life. I have found her to be well educated, bright, articulate and caring and I highly recommend her.” ~ Gillian Laycock – Google Review


“Mrs. Carolyn had been a lifesaver to our family, she so good with kids. The kids love her and feel really safe with her.” ~ Luisa Saenz Zeringer – Google Review

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