Divorce and Children

This seminar will focus on high impact divorce and, specifically, how it affects the children living through it.

Schedule date for this seminar – TBA!

Children from divorce are 2x as likely to divorce. Many contributing factors! 66% of the increased risk of divorce is attributed to children living thru the parental experience of divorce. (Brian D’Onofrio, Indiana University Bloomington).


  • 8 to 15% of Divorcing couple s continue to engage in Conflict with little reduction in the intensity of their feelings.
  • These extreme cases place great stress on children.
  • Parents locked in bitter, entrenched struggles, unable to stay together yet unable to separate emotionally.
  • Parents Persistently antagonize, accuse, rage against and attack each other.
  • Families of high-conflict divorce usually do not seek help voluntarily.
  • Change is difficult for most, but High conflict families it is extra-ordinarily difficult and old patterns of relating are clung to.


  • Impact on children devastating, traumatic & extremely stressful!
  • The level & Intensity of conflict between parents during marriage is indicative of Post divorce hostility and distress & it is the most significant factor in adjustment following divorce
  • Conduct Disorders, Antisocial Behaviors, difficulty with peers & authority figures, depression & academic and achievement problems: are all symptoms children may experience!
  • High Intensity fighting is associated with-Insecure attachments and anxiety in infants and toddlers
  • Severity of conflicts has the largest, most consistent impact on children’s adjustment, with Intense conflict leading to more Externalizing and Internalizing of emotions and behaviors
  • Overtly Hostile styles : Violent, hitting etc, leads to externalizing and internalizing behavior of children where more passive aggressive behavior of parents leads to internalizing symptoms of child).

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