Couples Counseling

Couples counseling provides a private and non-judgmental setting to help people explore both the healthy and challenging patterns of connecting in a relationship.

We would all love to believe that you fall in love and then live happily ever after. Unfortunately, it is rarely this easy. Relationships are made up of people and people are made to grow and change. Because of this, relations are going to go through times of fulfillment and happiness as well as times of stress, sadness, and challenge. Couples counseling can help people navigate the obstacles that affect their relationships.

There are many factors that can stress or cause tension within a relationship. Some triggers include: money, sharing housework, physical intimacy, extended family obligations, children, career obligations, what to do with free time, snoring and other sleeping habits, and more. Arguments can be caused by minor issues such as leaving the toilet seat up or major issues such as infidelity. With the proper skills, couples can resolve small and large issues as they come up as opposed to leaving them unresolved to fester, magnify, and ultimately explode.

Couples Counseling

Couples counseling can help couples…

  • Dealing with life transitions; such as a new baby, “empty-nest” syndrome, managing an elderly parent, and more
  • When a significant other withdrawals from conversations and intimacy
  • Rebuild a trusting relationship after an affair or separation
  • When they feel more like roommates and less like a couple
  • When one or both of them doubt if they are in love anymore
  • If anger or resentment are more prevalent than love and respect
  • Dealing with emotional disconnect

Couples counseling can help people discover individual triggers and perfect the skills needed to avoid and resolve issues. For couples counseling to work, both individuals should be committed to improving their relationship and be willing to identify their own individual strengths and weaknesses and how they might affect the relationship. Recognizing how traits and habits affect their significant other can have a positive effect on making personal and relationship changes. Couples counseling is not meant to be a free time for venting; unloading anger, resentment and other damaging behaviors on a significant other. Couples counseling is meant to be a proactive experience that builds strong relationship skills based on love, dedication and more.

We will help to provide the resources you need to create new and positive ways of engaging that will strengthen your emotional bond, build resilience when coping with conflicts, and increase liveliness, spontaneity, and happiness. We are here to help you with the resources and referrals you will need to move forward in confidence, caring, and hope.

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