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Teen Stress

Teen Stress Teen stress is more pervasive that most believe. Teens are bombarded by stress every day and in a variety [...]

Teen Depression

Teen Depression Teen depression is a real, serious, and ever-increasing issue. It is a serious mental health problem that can cause teen [...]

Blended Family

Blended Family A blended family, also known as a step-family, is created when a couple comes together with existing children from one or [...]

Intimacy Issues

Intimacy Issues in Relationships Intimacy issues are not something that any couple plans on or prepares for… they just happen. And, believe it [...]

Play Therapy

Play Therapy Play therapy is a counseling approach that is primarily used to help children from the ages four to twelve. Play [...]

Teen Struggles

Teen Struggles Teen struggles have changed over time but still represent an overwhelming obstacle to a balanced adulthood. Bullying, peer pressure, depression, addiction and [...]

Bullying Adults

Bullying Adults Bullying adults occurs more often then we think. We typically associate bullying with kids and adolescents on a playground; but, that is [...]

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